Sunday, August 9, 2009


It was on the 31st July 2009 when it all began. My aunt and I had gone to New Life Hospital for personal reasons.

Mom had asked me to call her number, wanting to listen to her new hello tune. "I can’t find it anywhere". We both started hunting for my mobile. It struck me then that I might have left it behind in the taxi wherein we came back. Thirty minutes had passed by since I reached home. We immediately dialed my number. "The number you are trying to reach is not reachable". Numbly, I sat down and quietly prayed.

We dialed my number again. "The number you are trying to reach is switched off". It was at this moment I realized I was never going to see my mobile again.
My mobile is nothing but an ordinary Nokia 6300. Sad to say, we both have been through so much, it had been a part of my life for so long. I took out the box opened it, went through the manual, the thermocol, the purchase receipt.... aimlessly, as if trying to say "Goodbye". It is hard to accept how much a non-living object can make a mark in one's life.

11:30 pm.
I tossed and turned in my bed... trying to sleep. In some quick flashes, I remembered my notes - meeting, birthdays, and important numbers - like phone numbers or my debit card pin number which had been saved. I struggled to recall.....Oh!!! I wished I could remand!!!! ..... The tossing and turning became really worse.

1st August. 2009, Saturday

I got up. It was useless trying to sleep. I started preparing breakfast instead.

5:00 am.
The sun is up. I promised myself - I shall buy a new phone!!! “CHEAP” - which can do nothing but make some measly calls and sms.

7:00 am.
Decided to go to BSNL to make a complaint, I want my same number back.

9:00 am.
I headed out for BSNL office. I went immediately to the Customer Care Cell. There i explained my situation. They had asked me to submit an FIR in a Police station and to bring back the documents to submit in the same dept.

10: 30 am.
With my documents ready I went back to BSNL office, submitted and paid whatever I had to pay to get my number back.

11:45 am.
The helpful woman (too bad I didn’t ask her name) concluded saying “You are very lucky to get everything done so quickly, If you had been 5 minutes later, we would have asked you to come back on monday". I grinned widely, thanking God. On the way back I stopped into few Handset stores, I couldn't find anything that satisfies my heart.

Reached home, said a silent prayer again. I knew I was not going to get back my mobile. I sadly said thanksgiving with all my heart, because, I knew He was doing whatever he could.

My mother retorted!! "Have you told Lalthani about the incident? Lalthani is one of my best(est) friend and she works as Nokia Promoter. I immediately took my mom's mobile and started dialing her number. After 4 rings, "Hello" I started narrating my loss, she then asked me for the IMEI number, and it took me quite a while to find the number. This was when I knew any phone had a number. I preferred to tell her through sms since it was too long.


I could hear Lalthani screaming from the ground floor, "Rita, It seems my friend had captured your mobile phone" I could not comprehend what she said. My whole body was literally shaking and I felt dizzy. I had to sit down. I tried to calm myself, I asked her again. She narrated the whole incident.

After I had called, she immediately sent out the msg to most of the well-known dealers and servicing stations. "Hope against hope". At last, she went to K.L communication, Khatla, which, btw was literally pushed by one of her co-worker Jimmy.

It was around 4:00pm when a friend (Mr. X) of the taxi driver (or not…. whoever took the phone), went up to K.L communication for a repair. He was denied. He then came back after 20 minutes, saw the owner Mr. Tha-a (friend of Mr.X), and explained why the phone needed a redo of the software... something wrong with the code. As, if something prompted him from within, as he eyed the phone, he quickly took out the battery and checked the IMEI number. He then explained to his friend why he needed to confiscate the phone.

8:45 pm.
With our pajamas’ Lalthani and I sprang up and found our way to Khatla. There it was !! My very own handset! I took all my documents with me. But the security code was messed up so much that it was permanently locked. It won’t start after typing the correct code. My dear phone needed the repair... All the phone numbers, dates, notes, notices would still vanish... but I cared less!!!! "I retrieved my mobile". While congratulating me, Mr.Tha-a added that I was very lucky, not all servicemen check the IMEI number when phones are kept for repair. I knew the stars were with me.

I know my bashful story would have been nothing as compared to everyday happenings around you. I had stepped aside to narrate this story for quite sometime... instead, I published my previous blog-

Forgive me; for I cannot hold it any longer. Please allow me to emphasize.....

"Mizoram is not all Gone!!!!" as some preachers would shout otherwise, not once but in multiples - in every nook and corner of the state. There are still few good amongst the bad. So that makes Mizoram is still safe. GOODNESS STILL PREVAILS!!!!!!. I for one, have been really fortunate to have experienced it.

Whew!! There! I’ve said it; as my whole breath have been lifted and my heart receives its oxygen now.

I'd like to share the details of these two remarkable persons.

The one person - who made my day - day and my night - night. (And just in case you want a mobile servicing ... someone you can count on)

Mr. Tha- a. (This is all I can get, he is well-known by this name)
K.L Communication,
Above Cozy Den restaurant.

My dear resourceful friend who made all this come true.... (And just in case you wanted to buy a Nokia phone, she will describe it for you, eyes closed. Whatever your needs or your budget)

Margaret Lalthani
Nokia Promoter
Rainbow Electronics

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The other side of our world...

"I'll give my soul if it means I can get a sniff of herion". This was what Zonunparmawitei , aged 42 to live in a hopeless world within the limits of Aizawl.

There were moments in her life when she wanted to take her own life. Things were pretty out of hand. She was deprived of parental love and care. Her parents separated, her father left them for a younger pretty face; later mom followed the same example. She then had no choice but to live with her old grandfather, who passed away 2 years later. She immediately gave into drugs before she was awaken to the real cruel world; even before how she knew how to mourn; felt that this might quench her shallow empty soul. She doesn't have a friend, she didnt know how to make one. "YMA doesn't understand!! Nobody understands me! Nodody wants me, they always go away..." Her face still shallow and empty as she narrates.

Few pauses and deep breaths she continued...
She was not more than 13 years of age. Owing to the nectar of the drugs, she entered into the harsh world of prostitution - seemed the best option to earn. Henceforth, plunged into the sex-drug dark world. Multiple sex partners had never been a problem, rather, getting pregnant. She shudders as she said the word 'pregnant'. With a soft blush she said her favourate customers were boys staying in some hostel... "They were easy to be pleased plus i get extra tips....... and oh!! I also do girls!!!!" she added without hesitation "It's like two empty people meet... both craving for company". She wouldn't care less for a condom or the law, so long as she got few bucks. No stopping where she would go to -to what extend... At age 29, as she had most dreaded, she got pregnant... to her suprise the man wanted to marry her, aged 50.

Whew... Finally !!! Twinkle in her eyes.....

She still twinkled while she continued, "I've always had myself checked for a virus (HIV) after every two months... Its free, you know, I grasp for everything thats free" She laughed as though her whole body has been lifted. "Strangers give me company even if its only for a while, and my nectar keeps me in a better world". " I chose my company only after taking a good look of their eyes"

A long pause.......

Her husband, the man who promised to give her company for all their lives gave her the dreaded disease.. She still forced herself to smile as she said it. It was three months after he had passed away. She has a beautiful daughter, aged 13 years. Fortunately, she had taken good medication while pregnancy, she hasn't passed on the virus.

Suddenly, as if dark clouds appeared on her pale fragile face, "I'm so afraid history might repeat itself". She couldn't stop crying. Her daughter hugging from the back as if to comfort her, gently rubbing her arms....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Unfortunate Loss (es).

Most of you who had been visiting my page in orkut / facebook would have remembered I had a trip to Lunglei 23rd – 26th June for a field study. But, the more you read, the more you will know it was not an ordinary field trip. Allow me to share with you

I started from Aizawl on the 23rd June, around 6:30 am and reached Lunglei around 3:30 pm. Of course we had taken the road via Sailsuk (175 kms from Aizawl). Just as we started the trip, the driver started giving us theory lessons on how to drive. Guess he was so engorged in it; we almost hit a truck twice, and finally just before reaching Lunglei, “BANG!!” we collided with a Zen, right at the curve. Sad but true, he had to pay for it. That was the reason we reached Lunglei later than expected, if you were wondering. The sight of Lunglei made my anguish and fear vanish. It’s a lovely town! You must make a point to visit if you haven’t been there already.

From then on we (one project fellow and I) started hunting for Anopheles. Maybe because of the heavy rain every evening, the whole day’s hunting seemed to be in vain. We started each day from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm to different places. To our surprise around 4:30 pm, on the second day; in Zotlang tuikhur, we could find 6 (six) measly Anopheles larvae. Anyway it’s much better than none right? We were happy...

This was my first trip to Lunglei. As for my partner, it was his first trip to Mizoram (he is Assamese btw). It was a great relief when …. called me and assured me that everything was prepared and we would not have any trouble. (hmmm…!!!! You might have guessed - this was my second reason, to ….. you know). I had looked forward so very much to meet him there. Allow me to say, I have never met a man more comforting, friendly and supportive in my life. Though we have known each other for just three months, I was so very grateful that our paths crossed. Sadly, on the 24th (the following day we reached Lunglei), he left for Saiha. But then, :-) he came back from Saiha the day before we left Lunglei; through the swarming grasshoppers, the heavy rain and thunderstorms, so that he could see me off. I felt loved! The first sight of him made me want to hug him so very very tightly (Ahemz!) … he was fully drenched, and dirty (he fell off the bike – which he admitted with a cute boyish grin). But I couldn’t; it was neither the time nor the place. There were people around (hush!!!).

Okay, another reason - conducting workshop for ‘Sensitization of The National Children Science congress’ to the science teachers of Lunglei and Saiha district. Wish you can see the faces of the elderly teachers when they saw me!!! LOLz . But owing to Pu Chhandama’s introduction in the beginning, they could finally see me as a ‘Resource person’. The workshop went smooth than expected. I was happy that no one stood up to go outside the room to smoke (or do what bored people normally do when they go outside) till the end of the programme. Hmm!! Let’s see the success in the next Children Science congress Competition somewhere in Sept-Nov, 2009.

Now coming to my title…

Stayed in Lunglei, went around the town –visited every nook and corner of 23 Vengs (including Theiriat) we could find only 6 larvae, out of which, only two survived the trip back home. They both emerged to become (the loveliest and prettiest female) Anopheles theobaldi. I preserved them with utmost love and care; fully realizing the pain, the trouble and the hard work to find them…. in our freezer. My grandmother threw them before I could take them to University!!!!

The man of my dreams; the man, whom I thought, had fulfilled everything a girl could hope for; turned out to be a Forbidden Fruit!!!

Whuizzz!!! Guess now, I should concentrate on the positive aspects of my trip – the lovely elderly science teachers of Lunglei and Saiha.!!!

Will I be ever unlucky as this!!!! LOLZzzz

But with God holding my hand, I am growing stronger than ever! (… or at least I hope I do!!!).

Monday, May 25, 2009


My blog partners had been updating their well versed and beautiful blogs… I once confessed to a friend, I can’t put a pen on my finger unless the mind works…But after having said it, I’m forcing a pen onto my hand and let’s see how it goes…

These past months I have been hanging out with friends, friends’ of friends, different groups; from twosome to twentyfive-some (if there is a word), having a ride along the country side or in residents - having the time of my life; having a reunion or meeting new people - getting to know ones’ uniqueness, an asset and trademark …. A chance to discover what is behind the veil.

It dawned to me; I had been working my ass off in a school for few years – later to realize I loved teaching. Whenever I was around my students, my class, it felt “Thy Kingdom come” - to be with my angels (though many of them thought they weren’t). Their honesty, purity and sincerity in their eyes when they looked at me… Their eagerness to know more; their giggles when I gave lame jokes; their smile with wide-opened eyes when I say something related to the subject; the content in their eyes when they are able to grasp what I lecture; I can go on and on… I love them!!! ... I go to the class with visual teaching aids if possible, but never with a textbook on my hand… What the heck, I was even named “Good (but strict) Biology teacher”; but little do they realize - they were the ones who motivated and encouraged me to display the portrait. My little angels! If I may announce: I’m always the smallest in the classroom!!!

I can’t, and, will never forget one certain batch (you know who you are). I was blessed being their ‘Guide’ for two years. Rather; allow me to point out: they were the ones who taught me. Their humor, gratitude, kindness, honesty and diligence, which, I thought, had plenty. Once or twice, some mistook me for their Mom and called me as such… I felt humbled. The one batch of students who taught me - the students became the Guide!!! For that, I will evermore remain grateful…

On the other hand, I am also fortunate to fly around India representing my state; attended meetings, seminars, workshops and so on… I felt I was on a surge … accomplishing what I ought to do; be exemplary! One thing I boast to my friends “ My hand is living in the Class VIII to X Science (biology) text book, New syllabus”, till today I have been called to edit, re-edit, make-over, enjoying and savoring every minute. Who gets the chance to participate? Out of hundreds, I have been fortunate!!!

This could’ve been my life!!!

Hardly true….. I quit my job to pursue my dream – Research. Pacing through few dramas along the way but with God leading me, I admitted myself in the University. Again to realize, I am amidst a wonderful supervisor and fabulous lab partners. There is the ‘The three musketeers’ – the lean, the petite and the huge; what an awesome threesome! And then again, friends who intercept but only to pull me out of my errors; and then there are others who help me relax. Adding to the climax, though small, but significant way, I find myself progressing with work, hearing my supervisor congratulating me. I don’t think I can be more blessed!

Yet, for some, I may have been detoured, hindered and rolled to reach what I am today. Few have labeled me - Would you still have the brain for it / a senior citizen doing research now? Com’on! The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes! My brain will work as and how I let it! Senior? Maybe, but might I say, if the heart is young, so is the mind - The mind rules the body. And Yes, I could have pursued my dream few years back - Had I not been a teacher, I would be devoid of my angels and the extraordinary extracurricular activities. I have no regrets, and I have not certainly wasted any years of my life…

Henceforth, sing to you, dear readers “I am so fortunate and blessed!!!” And I implore you dearest, “Take a chance; the road not taken might be a home for you”. And for those who have reached home, be grateful and appreciate every moment, it’s easy to miss what’s underneath the nose, not to mention, in front of the eyes.

And as for this moment, I feel nothing but thankful to God, the Almighty, who had blessed this pathetic petite abundantly; I’m thankful to my backbone – my family; all the people & ‘young adults’ I’ve come across – You're my Unsung heroes!!!... What would I do without you???

(I apologize for the too many “I’s” and “My’s”, after all... it’s a testimonial)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today I got up without a dream but with a feeling so uncertain. Had a cup of tea and went out for a walk with thoughts drumming in my head. So I paused for a while, started to think about all that I’ve gone through – the ups and downs of my life...

What I have made of “Me” with series of interceptions…

Sometimes or most of the time, don’t we all grasp for things we want in Helms way? Only to find out the result and keep it in our li’l treasure box – ‘Experience’; errors we try to fix them. Yet, if not, we keep on trying, linking best to keep the ways of Adaptation. Didn’t Darwin announce ‘Struggle for existence’?

Yet again, there is a certain thing we want so badly but can’t reach, let alone even to penetrate – through surplus trials; where adaptation doesn’t exist. Someone phrased it - ‘Scepters’ of the heaven’ (Oh For!! I’m not trying to reach heaven). How do we survive here?

Or do we not have a choice but to settle for the second best?!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SANITY...???? !!!!

Here a lil’somethin…

People, or should I say most of the mass human population moves with the straight current – wherever the narrow ‘flow’ leads, though easy as it may seem, struggling every second, every minute, hour to keep up the pace – status quo!

And then there is a chance to intercept, to differ, a chance to take a breath maybe – discovering oneself, giving the close to perfect happiness/peace in the heart and the soul… “Live life to the fullest”; Humbled and honest making the perception of world ‘Right’…

And then there are Good and Evil…

What if you have the balls to go against the flow, or you take a detour?

Judged….. Labeled….. “Its not Right”…. “Its not mature thing to do”

So then, what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’?? Is right/wrong according to the society’s ‘Rule’ or the individual’s? If of the society’s… isn’t the society not mass of individuals? If wronged, why would the Psychologist say it is right???

It’s not mature…? Doesn’t maturity accompany wisdom irrespective of the age? The wise chose to differ!!!! And has the bravery to do it.
… OR…
Would it mean the mass population are both mature and cowards?

… amidst the confusion, take a lead towards what your heart say its right…